What is the ‘next level of learning’? It’s our refreshing ‘less is more’ approach to supporting learning with technology and services. Learning technologies have become overgrown, complex and expensive. They threaten to overwhelm the core of the learning process . And they often come with inadequate service. That’s why HigherL assigns you an experienced agent (we call them ‘course developers’) whose job it is to lean forward and help you succeed. How can we afford to provide such hands-on help at such reasonable costs? Here’s our secret: our technologies are so powerful and simple to operate we know you won’t need a lot of help. But we’ll be there if you do, because every course and classroom is different. Solutions from HigherL differ from the puzzling complexities of many learning technologies. Ours are based on over a decade of practical, day-to-day experience. We have solutions designed for smaller schools and colleges, for educational publishers and editors, for specialized learning situations such as continuing education, and even for individual instructors and their students. Come to HigherL for the expert help only an organization with our experience can bring. Then stay for the low costs and great service only HigherL can deliver. Contact us today to learn why we say HigherL is ‘the next level of learning’, no matter what your learning technology needs are.

About Us

HigherL LLC is a privately held company registered in the State of Delaware and headquartered in Miami, Florida. The Company’s e-learning division serves educational institutions, publishers of content and corporations with a single SaaS solution that provides all of the software, hardware, student, faculty and administrative services needed to drive the growth of effective technology-driven education programs. HigherL provides a comprehensive technology-enabled learning solution, the only one to truly integrate content with a unique learning methodology and modular course management tools. With an incredibly talented development team, HigherL also offers a full array of digital and media-rich content development services that can take any traditional content and turn it into an engaging digital experience. With offices in both Miami, Florida and Mumbai, India, HigherL has the unique ability to offer clients and partners with exceptional value through a blended production technique. Meaning, we utilize a combination of local and offshore talent to complete a project. This gives our clients the opportunity to receive higher quality services and products at a lower cost.