Small schools and colleges, which often have a special focus and expertise, offer some of the best opportunities for instructor-learner interaction. Yet until now many such specialized colleges and schools haven’t been able to afford a learning management system that facilitates such interaction.

Today’s students expect your programs to be delivered using a learning management system. A good LMS can be an important factor in student engagement and retention. And instructors appreciate the ease with which they can manage assignments, testing, grading and communication with their students. The HigherL LMS helps students and conserves instructors’ time, while cutting costs.

We will tailor an easy-to-use, hosted, secure and highly reliable learning management system for your organization. And our pay-as-you-go arrangements costs much less than traditional vendors. As a ‘next level’ LMS, administered as a service rather than sold, and unencumbered by old assumptions and practices, HigherL can truly offer a price breakthrough for smaller institutions.

The HigherL LMS allows instructors to import their syllabus, set up coursework, to communicate, to create and receive homework, to create, schedule, weight and grade tests, and manage enrollment, communicating seamlessly with your campus’ student enrollment and tracking system. It allows student users to find coursework, to communicate, to receive, complete and submit assignments, to create and manage portfolios, to take tests and receive grades and feedback from their instructors and more.

Features and Benefits at a glance

  • Increase retention and engagement
  • Meet student expectations
  • Please your instructors, and save them time
  • Our low costs mean no pressure on your stretched budgets
  • Simple, intuitive navigation means it’s easy to get started!

We will even help each instructor individually to set up their courses in the HigherL LMS, something we do routinely because, unlike many other vendors, we understand that each course or instructor is a little different – and we say “Viva le difference!” In fact, each school or college is assigned its own ‘course developer’ to help with every step of getting started and with ideas for improving course performance through the HigherL LMS.