Today, continuing education, community education, workforce development and business & industry training departments are all expected to achieve more with less.

But if you’re like most specialized learning departments, probably some of the program management systems in your organization – particularly those related to registration, course enrollment, payment, etc. – have been set up with a regular academic year in mind, and aren’t well designed for the way you do business. The result may be labor-intensive processes or awkward ways of dealing with courses of varying lengths and requirements, and other issues. But even if you’re stuck using your centralized system, you still need a simpler learning management system that makes course management and communication easy, both for your customers and for your staff. That’s where the HigherL LMS comes in. Now you can afford to break free from a one-size fits all learning management mentality and get the solution you need.

Features and Benefits at a glance

  • Streamlined registration, course enrollment, and payment options provide learners with easy access
  • Simplicity and ease of use make our LMS ideal for part-time or contract instructors
  • Our pay-as-you-go approach means little risk or budget issues for program directors
  • We provide each instructor or subject matter expert with individual help setting up their course
  • Course management and communication features mean better retention, engagement and customer satisfaction
  • Flexible enough to be used with classroom-based, blended, or online course delivery

We’ve walked in your shoes. The founders of HigherL, LLC created and grew a large, fast growing continuing education/distance education department at a large university and started confronting these issues years ago. We have created the HigherL LMS – powerful, low cost, e-commerce enabled, simple to use – cutting out paperwork and reducing the number of steps customers and staff need to take to engage successfully in the business of learning.

If you are seeking better learning management solutions, please contact us today. Put our decade of experience building programs, learning management systems, and other learning technologies to use in your program today.