As course delivery, course management, and courseware itself, migrate to the cloud, the HigherL Textbook Extension Service (our custom course management technology) provides new opportunities for publishers to serve their customers and to capture more revenue and higher margins. Using our flexible course key system you can…

Features and Benefits at a glance

  • Boost the sales of new books through higher perceived value at the point of sale
  • Recoup costs of creating ‘ancillaries’ such as testbanks and videos, by integrating them more tightly into the instructional package you sell
  • Provide revenue and high margins even when a used copy of your book is sold
  • Provide adopting instructors unparalleled ease of use by pulling everything conveniently onto a single site and insuring that students use the system

And, HigherL will provide any customization or creative services necessary to complete your offering, so it’s easy for you to work with HigherL.

If you are seeking ways to build new value into your textbooks and other courseware, please contact us today. Put our decade of experience as educators building programs, course management systems, and other learning technologies to use in your program today.