HigherL LLC is a privately held company registered in the State of Delaware and headquartered in Miami, Florida. The Company’s e-learning division serves educational institutions, publishers of content and corporations with a single SaaS solution that provides all of the software, hardware, student, faculty and administrative services needed to drive the growth of effective technology driven education programs. HigherL provides a comprehensive technology-enabled learning solution, the only one to truly integrate content with a unique learning methodology and modular course management tools. With an incredibly talented development team, HigherL also offers a full array of digital and media rich content development services that can take any traditional content and turn it into an engagement digital experience.

With offices in both Miami, Florida and Mumbai, India, HigherL has the unique ability to offer clients and partners with exceptional value through a blended production technique. Meaning, we utilize a combination of local and offshore talent to complete a project. This gives our client the opportunity to receive higher quality services and products at a lower cost.