custome-website-access-portal-blackCustom Website Access Portal
  • Custom branded portal site
  • E-Commerce Shopping Cart
  • LMS Account registration and Login Forms
  • F.A.Q page
  • Dedicated 1-800 Technical Support phone number
  • System Check Utility - LMS minimum requirements system check utility
large-content-repository-blackLarge Content Repository
  • Instructor (My Files)
    • Provides ability to organize and manage their personal files in their LMS account.
    • Upload/Download/Compress/Decompress/View/Move/Delete/Edit files
    • Organize files by folders in intuitive and natural tree file system
    • Access files from any course shell instructor has access to and add files to course content
  • Student (e-Portfolio)
    • Ability to store artifacts such as Files, Images, Videos, Test and Gradebook results, any other "evidence" you can store digitally (ex: student stats per course such as attendance, content click through, etc).
  • Publisher/Institution
    • Provides publishers/content providers to offer course templates/learning resources to schools/institutions/individual instructors on the HigherL platform
    • Store full courses, test banks, sample assignments, presentations, and other a ancillary files that may be associated to a particular book title or learning resource.
convenient-dashboards-blockConvenient Dashboards

Administrator Dashboard

  • Institutions/Programs
    • Create/Manage Programs and Institutions to organize courses
  • License Key Management
    • Create/Manage Individual and/or Institutional course license keys
    • Three license types: Single Use, Multiple Use, Unlimited Use
    • Licenses can be associated to single/multiple courses/products
    • License usage can be limited to number of uses, number of days and quantity
    • License pricing can be set at individual license level (Requires e-Commerce module to be activated on web portal)
  • Instructor Management
    • Approve/Deny New Instructor Account Requests
    • Instructor Accounts: Add/View/Edit/Delete
    • Assign Institutional License keys to instructors
  • Teaching Assistant Management
    • Teaching Assistant Account: Add/Assign/View/Edit/Delete
    • Manage Teaching Assistant course access permissions
  • Student Management
    • Create new Student Account
    • Student Accounts: Add/View/Edit/Delete
    • Student Course Access: View/Enroll/Drop
  • Sales Representative Management
    • View/Add/Edit/Delete Sales Representative Accounts
  • Courses Management
    • View list of courses and course section on system
    • Edit/Transfer/Backup/Restore/Delete courses
  • Reporting/Analytics
    • Enrollment and license usage reports
    • Custom reports as required by institution

Instructor Dashboard

  • Course Management
    • Create a courses from scratch, from an existing course or from a shared course
    • Organize Courses into Categories
    • Course Management: Reset/Delete
    • Course Backup and Restore (SCORM compliant) Create full or selective Course Backups Ability to restore a course backup back to the LMS Download Course Backup Package for course archival and review
    • Course Localization
    • Course Announcements & News
    • Manage Student Rosters (Search, Move, Delete, Drop, or Deny Student course access)
    • Course Marketing Tool (Welcome Page)
  • Account Profile and Password management
  • Teaching Assistant management (Add/Delete/Set Course Permissions)
  • Course and Learning Resources reports/analytics

Student Dashboard

  • Account Profile and Password management
  • Add/Drop Courses
  • View Course Announcements
  • Purchase/renew course access license keys

Teaching Assistant Dashboard

  • Instructor enabled course-by-course permission driven access to Course Assignments, Tests, Announcements, Course Content, and Gradebook.
time-saving-course-tools-blackTime Saving Course Tools

Assignment Tool

  • Assignment Management (Create, View, Edit, Delete, Hide/Publish)
  • Pre-built Assignment Library (eg., provided by publishers/institution)
  • Student statistics (activity, progress, grades, etc.) on each assignment.

Communication Tools

  • Announcements & Alerts
    • Social media push communication to instructors/students
    • Centralized announcement and course news page with new message notifications
  • Course Discussion Forum
    • Threaded discussions for individual instructor topics or student group collaboration or assignments
    • Graded discussions for instructor feedback and student participation credit
    • Powerful search tool allows instructor/student to limit or expand searches to include current forum, current topic, or all forums in all courses they have access too.
    • Peer-to-Peer forum posting rating system with participation statistics for the instructor.
    • Social media push communication to user designated accounts on popular social networking sites.
  • Course e-Mail
    • Unified email client lets student or instructor see all email from all available courses.
    • Course email may be grouped by course or by date received
    • Course email may be forwarded to external email accounts with ability to reply back

Content Management System

  • Full screen WYSIWYG editors to create internal content pages
  • Drag-and-Drop Content manipulation
  • Ability to Publish/Hide content
  • Built-in video players release students from 3rd party application installations
  • Manage and link to multiple assets (Files, Web links, Assignments, tests, other LMS tools)


  • Export grades to Excel and other popular LMS integration file formats
  • Print Gradebook completely or just selected student records
  • Final Grade Configuration Editor
  • Gradebook Category Manager
  • Inline editing of student grades
  • Student Activity Reports

Test Tool

  • Test Management (Create, View, Edit, Delete, Hide/Publish)
  • Test Configuration Wizard with multiple options:
    • Secured (Password Protected) tests
    • Question Sets and randomization including answer choices
    • Time Limits
    • Availability Windows
    • Option to selectively release tests to individual students
    • Release score settings for individual student feedback
  • Question library allows creation and management of all test questions from a central location
  • Test library (pre-made assessments with default settings provided by publishers/institution)
  • Ability to copy tests across different courses and course sections
  • Course survey tool with trend reports