Moe Izadpanah

Co-founder & Chief Innovation Officer

Moe Izadpanah is a leading innovator and thought-leader in technology enabled learning and educational program development. Having more than 10 years of educational technology, customer service and academic support experience, Izadpanah co-founded HigherL, LLC to further advance education through technology. His expertise in leadership coupled with a passion to enhance education through technology has been critical in the development of HigherL’s new cutting-edge learning management system. Izadpanah is taking education to the next level of learning.

Throughout his career he has helped launch numerous successful technology enabled learning programs, oversaw the development of hundreds of online courses and has assisted several top academic textbook publishers with their educational technology efforts. His dedication to making the teaching and learning process fun and easy is evident in the HigherL learning management system, games and simulation solutions. Although he has a proven track record in the development of technology enabled learning, his true strengths reside in his leadership abilities, capacity to establish strong relationships, and positive attitude.

Prior to founding HigherL, Izadpanah served as Director for Florida International University Online (FIU Online), where he created a virtual campus using highly innovative technology. Under his leadership he changed a minimal web-based program into a state-of-the-art online learning program with worldwide technical support capabilities that resulted in the fastest growing department at the University. Under his leadership, Izadpanah grew enrollments at FIU online from several hundred to over 15,000 students over 6 years.

Graduating with honors, Izapanah received his bachelor’s degree in Management Information System and a master’s degree in International Business Administration from Florida International University. In addition to his professional accomplishments, he has taught both in person and online as well as developed curriculum for management and information technology courses.