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Ready to take your content to the next Level?

Find out how our team can help design and build your next level online course.

    We work with entrepreneurs and organizations across a variety sectors

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    We become your course creation team

    Let our team of expert strategists, curriculum developers, copywriters, designers and web developers become your course creation team.

    We can help you

    • identify

      Identify and profile your course audience

    • clarify

      Refine and clarify your course concept

    • develop

      Develop content and storyboard your course

    • deploy

      Deploy your course across any platform from registration to ckeck-out

    • engaging

      Bring your course to life with engaging, immersive content

    • ideas

      Identify complementary ideas to enhance your course

    Our content development services include an analysis of existing materials, and a discussion of your students an trainees preferred learning styles

    We can create new content or repurpose your existing material, adding engaging features like animation and simulation applications including virtual mixed and augmented reality. For maximum flexibility, our content development services can be layered on top of your current learning management system or our robust LMS platform.


    Learning Modalities

    We incorporate a wide selection of learning modules including:

    • Rich Media

    • Video Tutorials

    • Interactive Content

    • Custom Applicactions

    • Interactive Videos

    • Simulations

    • Virtual and augmented Reality

    • Serious Games

    • Quizzes

    • Interactive Assessments

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    Interactive, media-rich content is essential to engaging today’s learners at any age.

    Our content development team draws on 20+ years of curriculum experience to deliver text, images, videos and other digital tools including virtual and augmented reality in a format designed to meet your specific learning objectives – on time and within budget.

    Our team is available to help you build out broad-based learning and training content.

    higherL’s expert approach to online course development ensures your courses are relevant, effective and engaging every time.

    • Asynchronous or Synchronous

      Whether your course requirement is Synchronous, Synchronous or a combination of both, our team can apply the proper methodology to create the best user experience possible.

    • Adaptive Learning

      Designed to dynamically adjust to the individual learner’s abilities, adaptive learning can be a powerful technique to enhance the learning process when applicable.

    • Completely Online, Hybrid or Instructor Led Content

      Oftentimes our instructional design team can curate an online course that can not only be deployed completely online but can also be used to facility a live lecture.

    • Linear vs Open Format

      We help you decide whether your course progression needs to be linear or open.

    • Rightsizing Content

      Understanding how short or long each learning segment should be is a key factor in content creation.

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    Benefit from the latest digital content solutions and bring your courses to life

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      higherL combines decades of deep expertise in tech-enabled pedagogy, content management and powerful all-in-one integrated XR authoring tools to create the most impactful custom-tailored learning experiences available.