Anybody can say they provide ‘great service’…. But do they understand what instructors (and students) want in an LMS provider?

Every instructor is a little different. In the one size fits all world of traditional learning management systems, these differences aren’t usually accounted for. This leads to frustration. HigherL founders Moe Izadpanah and Rey Morejon spent a decade working directly with college instructors and students, helping build over 400 distance and blended courses, helping instructors meld publisher-provided and other third party content with their own, using the best learning management technology available. They saw the problems, shared the frustrations, and slowly created a better system, just now available. The system has two equally important components: simple, reliable technology and value-added, personal service. Our ‘customer service’ team members are more than just helpful problem-solvers, so much so that we call them ‘course developers’ not ‘CS reps.’ What has emerged is what we think of as the first truly ‘instructor-centric’ LMS, with service that goes far beyond technical support.

We’ve learned – through long experience — there’s no substitute for an instructor having at their beck and call a knowledgeable person, especially in the initial stages of setting up a course and learning a new system. But even more important (and daunting) often is the learning curve involved with effectively transferring an instructor’s preferred teaching methodologies to the digital world. That’s also where HigherL’s dedicated ‘course developer’ staff can make a real difference.

HigherL assigns each instructor a course developer, a ‘go-to’ person to help set up their course and translate their teaching preferences into processes that exploit the HigherL platform. Our experienced course developers assist each instructor personally and at the level of sophistication and detail they require. Our experience taught us that many instructors don’t have the time or patience to learn new systems and set up their courses properly or completely, let alone use all the power of their new platform. Students, too, sometimes have similar issues getting started. We’ve found there is no substitute for the personal touch, much as we might prefer a technological approach. The HigherL Service Advantage™ is our commitment to provide whatever level of help to every instructor and student who uses our system.

Of course we couldn’t make this promise, and keep our costs in line, if our technology was complicated or balky. With a fresh slate and some of the best programmers in the business, HigherL was able to create the clean, simple, intuitive HigherL learning management system. There is no one right approach to teaching across all disciplines. Our system easily allows custom content integration and customized administration. Our platform encourages 3rd party integration and open source development. Our flexible, simple to use technology makes our service commitment possible. The two go together: better technology, great service.

What kinds of people will you find at HigherL? We only hire people who genuinely care about what they do, have a desire to help others, and have a passion for what we do. Our ‘course developers’ are well trained and often have relevant experience to draw on. Each team member is carefully groomed to insure they have the required technical skills, instructional design knowledge, product knowhow and sincere desire to help. And they must have a well-developed passion for education and training. To sum up, the HigherL Service Advantage™ features:

Features and Benefits at a glance

  • Initial consulting and discussion to learn an instructor’s course needs and wants
  • Best practice sharing for instructors new to online learning
  • A dedicated go-to person for each instructor
  • Custom content population and LMS configuration
  • Student support, as much as is needed