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Find out how higherL can attract, train and retain your 4.0 manufacturing, logistics and supply chain employees.

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    Growing Business

    A Growing

    Business Challenge

    4.0 Manufacturing logistics, supply chain and distribution environments are advancing so quickly that most training solutions no longer correspond to the needs of today’s modern workforce.



    Connected 4.0 Workforce

    Learn how higherL tech-enabled training maximizes workforce satisfaction, productivity and performance.

    Our impactful custom-tailored training experiences use higherL’s deep expertise in tech-enabled pedagogy, content management and powerful all-in-one integrated XR authoring tools designed to:

    • Accelerate your training cycles for maximum ROI
      • Onboard training solution
      • Real-time support solution
    • Eliminate production environment risks
    • Reduce deviations
    • Drive compliance

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    Retention via spatial interactive learning


    Reduction in errors


    Reduction in training time

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    Find out how higherL can attract, train and retain your 4.0 manufacturing, logistics and supply chain employees.

      Let our instructional designers, content developers, visual studio designers and XR development experts become YOUR WORKFORCE READINESS TRAINING TEAM

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      Why higherL Workforce Readiness Training Delivers

      Enables workers to familiarize themselves with their future work environment in advance — in a safe and non-intimidating manner.

      Enables workers to learn their new job functions, the manufacturing workflow, equipment, tools, materials – and nomenclature.

      Enables workers to practice their job functions in detail, test and
      improve their abilities and skills at their own speed and without risk.

      Accelerates training cycles by making process truly engaging, fun,
      memorable and painless i.e., train with no strain.

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      • 20+ years in technology-enable learning methodology and content development

      • Objective-driven approach that focuses on results and key performance indicators

      • Early adopter of XR technology for academic learning and workforce training

      • Device agnostic: PC, mobile, tablet, and XR goggles /smart glasses

      • Enterprise-grade XR platform (fully scalable)

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